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The Sea Among Us pt2 - The Wilds
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The Wilds is led by singer/songwriters Holly Arntzen – vocals, dulcimer, piano, and Kevin Wright – vocals, cajon, congas, sax, of the Artist Response Team (ART). When Holly and Kevin sing together think Joni Mitchell meets Bon Scott. An unlikely combination, but one that bears rich sounds, energy and a unique perspective. They mix up heart and soul with edge, serious issues with humour.



The Wilds comes in many shapes and forms... from the duet version with just Holly and Kevin to 3-piece, 4-piece, 5-piece, 6-piece... even up to 8-piece... depending on the ebb and flow of the tides and of course... budget.


The sound of The Wilds is Folk Pop to Rock Your World – the folk/blues of Holly’s slide dulcimer, mixed with Kevin’s hard hitting cajon and congas, anchored by a guitar/bass combo and lit up by rich vocal harmonies. The Wilds’ songs take you on a cultural, ecological journey, from the soaring mountain tops of Roses in October and the pounding downpour of Pennies From Heaven to the spawning rivers of Up Your Watershed! and the old-growth forests of Mr. Douglas.


The Wilds is a project for band mates who have played together for many years in different forms. 

The Wilds collective of musicians have included (in no particular order): David Sinclair – guitar,  Shawn Soucy – drums, Bill Sample – keyboards, Karel Roessingh – keyboards, Andreas Schuld – guitar, Steve Moyer – bass, 

Mike Lent – bass, owen Owen, OWEN – bass, Robert Walsh – guitar, Brian Newcombe – bass,

Arnt Arntzen - guitar, Joani Bye - BG vocals, Kirsten Wood - BG vocals, Andrew Glover - keyboards.

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