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HANDBOOKS for educators

ART’s award-winning learning resources are developed by our team of songwriters, educators, scientists, writers and illustrators.


The concept behind them is two-fold: 1) provide the tools for any teacher to use music in the classroom for ecological literacy and sustainability education; 2) help teachers to meet their curriculum requirements by having kids sing songs. In other words, our Educators’ Handbooks and CDs support existing curriculum requirements, they are not an “add-on”.


Our mission is to enliven environmental learning through music, and provide a meaningful context for science information. A song can summarize huge concepts in three minutes, and give students a reason to want to learn complex information–because music helps them see how it fits in their lives.


We are very proud that the Salish Sea and Cycle of Life/Recycle Handbooks For Educators’ are Provincially Recommended for the new elementary science curriculum by the BC Ministry of Education.


Each handbook has a CD on the inside back cover. Online versions have a downloadable MP3. Inside you’ll find activities in many subjects that are linked to the song lyrics and fulfill prescribed learning outcomes. They are richly illustrated with black line drawings designed to be photocopied for students.


Chord charts, piano scores, and instrumental band tracks are available by request.

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