The lights go down
a hush falls over the packed auditorium. The Dream Band kicks into a tune, and a stream of colour pours onto the stage; the excitement bubbling out of hundreds of kids can hardly be contained. Holly and Kevin introduce a song, and the Voices of Nature Concert begins with the whole school proudly singing together, for their families and friends, about the importance and beauty of nature. The night is filled with original songs such as Up Your Watershed!, I Am The Future and Water For Life. The audience erupts in a standing ovation, the kids feel like a million bucks, and the adults take home messages of hope and action, delivered by messengers they listen to—their children!

This is the culmination point of the 12-week Voices Of Nature School Music Program, which combines eco-songs, environmental sciences and cross-curricular learning. ART provides its award-winning Educators’ Handbooks that help any teacher to use music in the classroom for environmental education.

The Voices of Nature Community Outreach Model draws on community cooperation—families, teachers, schools, businesses, non-profit groups, businesses and government. It works in that rarified area of outreach that actually involves real people: we engage schools and teachers; the audiences at our concerts are the “working professionals”—people who are busy with their families and jobs. They don’t go to environmental meetings or read government brochures, but they do listen when their children speak!


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