The Landfill Blues 
Song, Video & Handbook for Educators (4-7) 
BC Edition 
is a FREE online resource that is designed to help teachers educate about topics such as recycling, ecological footprint, life cycles and habitats and much more. It includes science articles and sparks (activities) that are linked to song lyrics and help fulfill prescribed learning outcomes in science and social studies for BC curricula. The handbook and companion video support cross-curriculum sustainability education and ecological literacy.

Singing is a fabulous activity
that includes all learners. We offer this song, handbook and video as a gateway to ecological literacy. When students are thinking about recycling and their impacts on Nature, they embark on a pathway that leads to awareness of the Earth and the importance of conserving energy and how each of us can help to slow down climate change. Just put on the song and sing!”

This handbook project is made possible by Encorp Pacific (Canada)Tire Stewardship BCElectronic Toy Recycling and Medications Return Program.

The concert video footage is supported by the Alberta Beverage Container Recycling Corporation (ABCRC)The University of Alberta and The City of Edmonton.

Download the handbook in either single pages or 2-page spreads. Read the “How to use this handbook” section on page 2. You’ll find that some of the animation sequences in the video are linked to the article on Decomposition on page 12.

If you are having problems downloading, please contact us .