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learning resources are developed by our team of songwriters, educators, scientists, writers and illustrators. The concept behind them is two-fold: 1) provide the tools for any teacher to use music in the classroom for ecological literacy and sustainability education; 2) help teachers to meet their curriculum requirements by having kids sing songs. In other words, our Educators’ Handbooks and CDs support existing curriculum requirements, they are not an “add-on”.

Our mission is to enliven environmental learning through music, and provide a meaningful context for science information. A song can summarize huge concepts in three minutes, and give students a reason to want to learn complex information–because music helps them see how it fits in their lives.

We are very proud that the Salish Sea and Cycle of Life/Recycle Handbooks For Educators’ are Provincially Recommended for the new elementary science curriculum by the BC Ministry of Education.

Each handbook has a CD on the inside back cover. Online versions have a downloadable MP3. Inside you’ll find activities in many subjects that are linked to the song lyrics and fulfill prescribed learning outcomes. They are richly illustrated with black line drawings designed to be photocopied for students.

Chord charts, piano scores, and instrumental band tracks are available upon request.

PLEASE NOTE – Hard copy handbooks are provided FREE to schools that sign up for a School Music Program.

Watershed Handbook

The Watershed Handbook ~ $33.50

For the redesigned 2016 BC curriculum (K-9) – 85 pages and a CD of four songs.
All about watersheds and the organisms and people that depend on them. Oceans, atmosphere, climate, salmon, glaciers and how everything is connected. With a large section on First Nations’ traditional knowledge, hunting and gathering practices, great stories and much more. This handbook is closely linked to another great resource by Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation, The Water Stewardship Guide which you can download for free here.

Supported by the Pacific Salmon Foundation and Rudy North.




handbook-Urban-Mining2Urban Mining ~ Free & printable
Song, Video and Handbook for students and teachers grades 4-7 ~ 62 pages
Recovery of Materials, Recycling and Ocean Stewardship

Beautifully illustrated in full colour! Designed to be used directly by students.
Making connections between how recycling materials can help lower our carbon footprint by reducing emissions which helps defend the health of our oceans.

Includes comic strips that help illuminate the science articles. Packed full of activities and action ideas for students and teachers.

Supported by Encorp Pacific (Canada)Tire Stewardship BC, Electronics Products Recycling Association BC and Medications Return Program.

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Landfill Blues ~ Free & printable
Song, Video & Educators’ Handbook for grades 4-7 ~ 43 pages
Recycling, Ecological Footprint, Life Cycles, Habitats, First Nations,
Climate Change and much more ~ BC Edition

Science articles and activities linked to the song lyrics and BC curriculum. Loaded full of helpful links, fabulous illustrations and information on reducing waste, recycling and lowering our impacts on the Earth.

Supported by Encorp Pacific (Canada), Tire Stewardship BC, Electronic Toy Recycling and Medications Return Program.

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I Am the Future ~ Free & printable
Song & Educators’ Handbook | Ecological Literacy for Grades 4-6 ~ 31 pages
Biodiversity of Wetlands and Urban Forests ~ Alberta Edition

This online resource focuses on Alberta wetlands and urban forests. It features the song, I Am the Future, science curriculum activities, blackline illustrations, feature articles by Alberta biologist Chris Fisher, links to excellent resources produced by Learn Alberta and the Cities of Edmonton and Calgary. The handbook is designed to help teachers connect students with local ecosystems and outdoor learning experiences. I Am the Future reinforces that young people can take action to protect important habitats. Presented by University of Alberta, City of Edmonton and Alberta Beverage Container Recycling Corporation (ABCRC).

I Am the Future ~ $30
Early Learning CD & Educators’ Handbook | 8 songs ~ 70 pages
Ecological Literacy for Young Children & Their Families | pre-school/primary

This resource is designed for use by Early Childhood Educators, pre-school and primary teachers, StrongStart facilitators, parents, grandparents and caregivers of young children who love music and nature. It provides activities that are linked to the song lyrics and make connections to actions that very young children can do in their everyday lives: observing and learning about the natural world, recycling, composting, caring for plants and animals, and much more. Singing songs together is an enjoyable way to learn and be inspired to take action.




Cycle of Life/Recycle ~ $60
CD & Educators’ Handbook National Edition | Grades K-6 | 14 songs ~ 276 pages
Endangered Species, Recycling, Sustainability and Ecological Footprint

This handbook makes the connections between protecting habitats and an action within the power of a child: recycling. The bookmark provides an easy entry into its components including: stories to be read aloud; learning and teaching guides; sparks for activities that are flexible and can be adapted to different grade levels; the biology section containing articles on 60 endangered species in 10 ecozones throughout Canada; the recycling section that explains the history and processing of 6 different container types; and in depth essays on life cycles, ecological footprint, extinction, biodiversity and more. Mouseover image for more info.



Le cycle de la vie/Recyclage ~ $60
CD & Educators’ Handbook National Edition | Grades K-6 | 14 songs ~ 276 pages
Endangered Species, Recycling, Sustainability and Ecological Footprint

This French version (text and song lyrics) was translated by Quebec biologist Sylvain Archambeault. The songs were performed by children’s choirs in BC, Alberta and Quebec. We’ve had many comments from French teachers about the artistic excellence of the songs. Le cycle de la vie/Recyclage fills a gaping need for quality, new songs and science education materials for use in French immersion schools. See English description for more details.




Salish Sea ~ CD $12
CD & Educators’ Handbook | Grades K-6 | 10 songs ~ 108 pages
Marine Conservation

A companion guide to the Salish Sea CD, performed by Holly Arntzen and the Saltwater Singers, this handbook includes activities for music, art, science and social studies to connect students with the plants and animals living within the Salish Sea ecosystem (Strait of Georgia, Puget Sound, Strait of Juan de Fuca. Provides tips for successful field trips in order to study the seven different intertidal zones. Includes a song translated into Hul’qumi’num, by Cowichan elder, the late Abner Thorne.

Supported by and provided FREE by Parks Canada
CDs are provided by ART for $12 – Receive both by “adding to cart”



La mer des Salish ~ CD $12
CD & Educators’ Handbook | Grades K-6 | 10 songs ~ 108 pages
Marine Conservation

La mer des Salish provides a wealth of biological science information in French with an emphasis on Pacific Northwest marine organisms and ecosystems. The songs were performed by French Immersion students in Victoria and Vancouver.

Supported by and provided FREE by Parks Canada
CDs are provided by ART for $12 – Receive both by “adding to cart”




Salish Sea ~ $25 book only | $30 w/CD

Lyrics, piano scores and chords for the songs from the Salish Sea CD.

1. Ask the Boatman  2. Saltwater  3. Salish Sea  4. Blue Planet
5. Forget and Forgive  6. Free in the Harbour  7. Boat Ashore  8. Seal’s Lullabye
9. Drawn to the Rhythm  10. Spring Saraband/Those Who Fell From the Sky
11. Row Row Row Your Boat

With CD