ART of reaching people through music. Become an ART Partner!!!

ART’s Community Outreach celebrates the learning and leadership of young people in taking action for sustainability. Whether it’s a Voices of Nature School Music Program, an Up Your Watershed Concert Tour, or a conference performance, ART customizes the outreach to fit the objectives and circumstances of participating partners.

The challenge
Working professionals are difficult to reach because of the demands of their families and jobs. Their support is critical if environmental sustainability issues are to succeed. A way to gain the attention of this demographic is through their children. Find out what parents have to say…

Children, on the other hand, are easy to get the attention of, assuming you:
     – are willing to have some fun
     – present educational materials that are experiential and interesting;
     – and can capture their emotions.

Children love nature, and they love to perform. Music makes learning fun and inclusive.
Find out what children have to say…

Community Organizations: Achieve effective and meaningful outreach and enhance your environmental programs and initiatives. MORE

Corporate Engagement: Make a difference to Canada’s sustainability by showing your company is a committed and concerned community player. MORE

Educators & Schools: Ignite young minds to a world of possibilities. Celebrate students’ learning about nature in a cross-curricular music program and concert that brings the whole school community together. MORE

Government Agencies: ART partners with all levels of government in many different ways. MORE