Market research shows that global warming, climate change and pollution are top-of-mind for Canadians today; they care deeply about the environment and want corporations to demonstrate social and environmental responsibility.

ART is perfectly positioned to fill the gaping maw of demand for education and entertainment about ecology. ART is helping to shape the cultural shift towards a vision of sustainability in local and global communities. We aim to inspire people to take action and have some fun doing it!

By supporting ART, your organization can make a difference to youth and ecological sustainability in partnership with a cultural educational agency with a long and proven track record.


Corporate Conferences and Special Events
Inspire and motivate your staff and colleagues by including a Voices Of Nature performance with youth choir.

Community Festivals
Sponsor a special Voices of Nature performance with youth choir, to be included in a Community Festival; this will celebrate the work local people are doing to protect the environment, and build audiences for the event.

Community Outreach Projects
Partner with ART and other organizations including government agencies and community groups, to support Up Your Watershed! tours involving School Music Programs and Concerts headed up by local youth.

Does your company want to show its commitment and caring for the environment? Learn how you can sponsor an ART project.


ART’s Community Outreach model achieves very effective stakeholder engagement and positioning for sponsors because of the various, interconnected components of the programs. Read More about opportunities for recognition…