Each October (since 2007) ART produces a Voices of Nature concert at the Myer Horowitz Theatre on campus, in Edmonton. The University has a sustainability goal to develop long-term relationships in the broader community; this year Voices of Nature was supported by a cadre of partners and sponsors including the Alberta Beverage Container Recycling Corporation (ABCRC), the City of Edmonton, and many other groups. Special thanks to Edmonton Public School Board and Catholic School Board for their assistance. Voices of Nature fulfills another of the University’s founding goals as an institution of higher learning: To uplift the entire community through education, and inspire the next generation of leaders.

The concert exceeded our expectations and fulfilled the University’s sustainability goals of education, awareness, engagement and community outreach. From our experience the Voices of Nature concert is an excellent cultural platform for organizations to support the environment, and communities in thinking globally and acting locally.

“This community concert was an outstanding success and was truly an uplifting, powerful and heartwarming production,” said Len Sereda, director of energy management and sustainable operations in the Office of Facilities and Operations at the U of A. “The singers were full of energy and enthusiasm, and the audience was wowed and fully engaged.”

Len Sereda, P Eng

Director, Energy Management & Sustainable Operations
University of Alberta, Edmonton, October 2008 & 2011