ART’s Community Outreach Projects create a platform for engaging the public, celebrating action and informing people about community initiatives. This is not a message on TV or the internet, or a brochure in the mail. We operate in that rarified territory of outreach where actual, live people get together and interact with each other–happily!
The engagement is direct, hands-on and real.

Why it works: a) The School Music Program involves hundreds of excited young singers and their teachers;
b) The Concert involves hundreds of engaged adults.

Teachers–the front line of change in any community–are attracted because we offer quality learning experiences for their students that enliven studies across the curriculum. Students invariably love to sing our songs–that’s what drives the process. Our shows involve ALL students who want to be there, often the entire school; each child is onstage for 40-60 minutes or more, in a leadership position. Enthralled audiences of families, friends and other community members can’t help but be drawn in by the fact that every child on stage is singing their heart out.

The concerts celebrate students’ learning and bring people together in a performance that is uplifting and inspiring. Environmental messages are carried through songs and the voices of children; people’s hearts are touched and they begin to think differently. The music is a spoonful of organic wild honey that helps the medicine go down!

Here are some examples:

Corporate Engagement
Educators’s Handbooks, CDs, Tours… You name it!
From 2003 to the present, ART has partnered with Encorp Pacific (Canada) and the Alberta Beverage Container Recycling Corporation (ABCRC)—the sister organizations for BC and Alberta responsible for the recycling of beverage containers in the Cycle of Life/Recycle project. READ MORE


Educational Institution
Voices of Nature & Sustainability Awareness Week at the University of Alberta
From 2008 – 2011, ART has produced the annual Voices of Nature project in Edmonton. To date, over 30 Public and Catholic schools have participated. READ MORE


Community Organization
In May 2011, ART partnered with the Skeena Watershed Conservation Coalition to produce a four-community tour: Hazelton, Kitimat, Prince Rupert and Smithers BC. READ MORE


Global Issue
Water For Life Benefit Concert, TV Special, DVD & CD

In Spring 2011, ART worked with Mark Angelo and the Rivers Institute at BCIT to produce a concert featuring original stories and songs about water, rivers and the natural world. It aired on Global BC TV. READ MORE



Government Agencies
Salish Sea Project
From 2000 to 2005 ART worked with three federal government departments in a series of connected, collaborative projects. The lead agency was Parks Canada, and through them, Fisheries & Oceans Canada and Environment Canada were brought in to support the Salish Sea project. READ MORE