Kevin has spent the majority of his musical life singing in rock bands. Maybe it was the little red record player with a little microphone plug in that he used to throw concerts in his back yard at the age of 9… or maybe the KISS concerts that happened in the basement on a regular basis… tennis rackets for guitars, white 5 gallon buckets for drums… who knows… but something got it all sparked and lit the fire that still hasn’t burnt out, and probably never will.

I was working as the afternoon show host at Village 900AM in Victoria. Still playing rock music, but getting very influenced by the World Beat/Folk music I was pumping out to a Global Roots audience in Victoria and surrounding area. I even bought a set of congas and added them to the sound of my band at the time, After Dark. It was 2004. I was on the air one afternoon, everyone else had gone home and a face appeared behind the glass that separated me from the rest of the world. He knocked, I went and let him in. He mentioned he had an idea for a great radio show… it was called Voices of Nature. I told him he would have to come back and talk to the station manager. And that’s what he would do. My life was about to change. His name was Stephen Foster.

Long story short… the station manager, Doug Ozeroff, decided it was a good idea and wanted to see how the show would sound and feel. It was to be a 30 minute show, that ran once a week, and featured live concerts, complete with a band, a kids choir, live humour, skits etc… and the music of Holly Arntzen. Yes… Stephen’s wife. The show was a go, but on one condition… someone from the station had to do the editing for broadcast. In the end, it turned out to be me… I was now onboard with the Artist Response Team.

A little time went by, the radio show was running, Voices of Nature School Music Programs had been running for about 5 years and I started doing more than just editing for ART. A little graphic design, a little web work, brainstorming sessions and some stone work. Yes, working with rocks and masonry… when the music work was slow. Anything to stay on board. Stephen was a great builder.

It had been a couple years now and things were flowing along when in a split second it seemed… we lost Stephen to a freak accident, our producer, our foundation… our rock. It was a big hit to the team, but Holly and I had to step up to the plate and make sure that this team stayed its course… as hard as it was. Holly and Stephen had been together 25 years…

Today… Holly and I carry Stephen’s legacy. After his death, we started writing songs together. Bringing my rock background into her vast folk/jazz background and blending them into the newer material you can hear today. Together we travel the land bringing our new breed of Voices of Nature programs to communities throughout Western Canada, design new musical/science curriculum materials for educators, do as many duet performances as we can, conference performances and workshops, videos, concerts… create, create, create. I feel it a true gift, to work with Holly, to be able to use my musical and production talents to do good work, and be the best role model I can for our budding decison-makers of tomorrow. They are the future! 

The very last show of the great After Dark – Holly and Stephen were in the audience, seeing me live for their first time.