“There are moments in the life of a school when you know something very special has occurred. These moments change you and have the ability to chart a different course in the future. The “Up Your Watershed!” tour was such an event”
Judy Zacharias, Principal, Conrad School, Prince Rupert, BC, June 2011

“Watching Holly and Kevin work with 200 students at a practice is an awesome experience. Within minutes they have all of the students eating out of their hand, creating, revising, risking and loving every moment of it. They make a fantastic team. Holly calmly demands that the students reach for the best quality performance possible, while Kevin drives them up into an insane level of enthusiasm.”
Brian Pritchard, Grade 3/4 teacher, Kispiox Elementary, Kispiox, BC, June 2011

“It’s been two weeks since you left our school and your beautiful songs are still ringing in our hallways. WOW! What a tremendous impact your Voices of Nature program has made on our students, both in song and in their thinking. I’ve heard more mature, thought-evoking conversations in the past three weeks then I’ve heard in my entire teaching career.”
Katherine Key, Music Specialist, Watson Road Elementary, Kelowna, BC, June 2007

“As we rehearsed, the words of these songs imbedded themselves deeper and deeper into our hearts and our minds. Being a music specialist, I have always known the power of music and its ability to accelerate the learning process; I just wasn’t prepared to feel a change come over me during this unit of environmental study. As we sang about leaving a healthy earth to our next generation, about over consumption and sustainability my students would ask deep questions of me.”
Rhonda Draper, Music Specialist, Glenmore School, Kelowna, BC, June 2008


“As a result of this year’s great success, planning has already started for the Voices of Nature Concert for Sustainability Awareness Week 2009 and beyond and to use the concert to take things to the next level in fulfilling our sustainability goals in education and awareness, engagement and community outreach.”
Len Sereda, Director, Sustainability Facilities and Operations, University of Alberta, Edmonton Dec 2008
Now in our 4th year at the U of A

“The Voices of Natures project and the school tour in particular, provided a valuable link between elementary school children, their teachers and families and the City’s EcoVision Go Green! Its Our Nature campaign.”
Brenda Osborne, former Director, Community Programs, Office of the Environment and Energy, City of Edmonton, Nov 2008

“The teachers, parents, staff, Expo exhibitors, and the public were all amazed at how Holly and the Dream Band captured the students imagination and enthusiasm towards the environment. These “environmentalists of tomorrow” and their parents will always remember the concert and its related environmental message. Holly Arntzen and the Dream Band brought a new and remarkable dimension to the 8th annual Mayor’s Environmental Expo. We were all extremely pleased with the outcome!”
Michelle Kam, Watershed Coordinator, City of Kelowna, May 2007


“The lessons you are teaching could not be more important and it makes me proud as a parent that even at the age of seven, my daughter is starting to understand how she impacts this world in terms of her behaviours and her influence. It also reminded me of my responsibility to my children and their future.”
Tanya Leblond-Belveal, Nanaimo, BC, April 2011

“You could see the connection they felt to the words, to the message. They sang it heart and soul, no doubt inspired by the full and unfettered commitment of Holly and Kevin. Artists do that— they give over completely and don’t worry too much about how it might look to others. Passion is a hard thing to teach, but it can be modeled.”
Sue Huff, parent and school trustee, Edmonton, AB, from her blog


“I had a wonderful experience with Kevin and Holly. They were both wonderful and they were magnificent instrumentalists and singers. Kevin and Holly are very professional and here are some ways how: they have strong vocals, they work together very well, they both are awesome instrumentalists and they both have lots of talent.”
(M. West – Grade 7)