The Artist Response Team Inc (ART)
was incorporated in 1991; ART is a production house that specializes in music and entertainment that educates about nature, and responds peacefully to the environmental and social crises we find ourselves facing. ART’s mission is to shift culture, and help communities move towards sustainability, one song at a time.


Holly Arntzen, ART President
Singer, songwriter and producer, Holly Arntzen, is blazing new trails in entertainment, education
and eco-music, and is recognized for her extensive library of songs and works dedicated to ecology. 
The innovative learning programs developed with her late husband, Stephen Foster, and a virtual
who’s who of environmental education, have gained national recognition and popularity. 
The success of Voices Of Nature is driven by the fact that young people love to sing her songs…
and Holly’s ability to inspire them through her voice and love of music.


Kevin Wright, ART Producer
Kevin has been working with ART since 2003 bringing his multimedia skills and long musical
history into the mix.  Starting out as the editor and host for the Voices Of Nature Radio Show,
Kevin has become an integral part of the wortking force that propels ART forward.  His musicianship
and song-writing skills shape the “new edge of environmental music” produced by ART;
his graphic design abilities result in the outpouring of ART learning resources.  He works
alongside Holly, delivering the Voices Of Nature School Music Programs and Concerts.


Arntzen and Wright are the heart of ART. They head up a nimble Team of musicians, educators, artists, scientists and writers who collaboratively produce ART’s many programs, projects, products and resources. 


ART is the hub for a series of interconnected components:

  • Music Library – a continually growing collection of songs with environmental themes;
  • Voices of Nature School Music Programs – students learn eco-songs that support cross-curricular learning;
  • Learning Resources – award-winning Educators’ Handbooks, Training Workshops and Videos help any teacher to use music in the classroom for sustainability education;
  • Concerts – musicians and students perform for families,
    friends and community.
  • Community Outreach – through projects such as Up Your Watershed! and Water For Life, ART involves thousands of students, teachers, family and community members in spectacular events that bring people together for positive action.